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FELCOM Event: Careers in Forensic Science

Workshop/Seminar: Career Exploration

Nov 20, 2012

Speaker(s): Daniele Podini, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, the George Washington University; Charles Tumosa, Ph.D., Forensic Studies Program Director, University of Baltimore; Dave Pauly, Ph.D., Professor of Applied Forensic Science, Methodist University; Max Houck, Ph.D., Director of DC Consolidated Forensic Labs; Kirk Yeager, Ph.D., FBI Terrorist Device Analytical Center
This event is recommended for: Graduate Students; Postdocs/Fellows.

Have you ever wondered if you could apply your science background to solve the next big murder mystery? Or maybe you want to view molecular science from an "in-the-field" perspective? If so, then this is the panel to attend!  Forensic science interfaces with nearly every facet of our community:  healthcare, criminal justice, biological weapons and defense.  This panel will explore careers in forensic science at both government and non-government institutions. With speakers from a variety of backgrounds, attendees will learn about the diverse opportunities within this field as well as the entry requirements for available careers. This event is sponsored by FELCOM's Career Development Subcommittee.

This event will not be videocast, but a write-up of the information presented in the seminar will be available on the OITE website approximately one month after the event.