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Felcom membership

The NIH Fellows Committee (FelCom) is comprised of Postdoctoral Representatives from each of the 21 Institutes-Centers of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Intramural Research Program (IRP). Each FelCom member is classified by one of the following member types:

  • Ad Hoc -Fellows who have volunteered to help with a specific FelCom subcommittee for a defined length of time. Ad hoc members do not have voting privileges
  • At Large - Fellows who have volunteered to become involved in a FelCom subcommittee or as a liaison. Appointed through the Postdoctoral Services Director of the Office of Intramural Training & Education (OITE). At large members have voting rights. They must abide by the same attendance policies as IC (institute and center)-appointed representatives.
  • Basic - Postdoctoral fellows with PhDs. Basic representatives are appointed by the Scientific Director, Clinical Director, or Training Director of the relevant IC. Typically one per IC.
  • Clinical - Clinical fellows with MDs. Clinical representatives are appointed by the Scientific Director, Clinical Director, or Training Director of the relevant IC. Typically one per IC.
  • Ex Officio - Several key members from OITE and OIR (Office of Intramural Research) holding leadership positions.

Felcom Officers, Committee Chairs and Liaisons

The following is a list of fellows who hold officerial, committe chair, or liaison positions within the FelCom organization.

FelCom Officers

Committee Chairs

  • Career Development Committee: Qiong Fu & Shyamalagauri Jadhav
  • Clinical FelCom Committee: Scott Norberg & Chris Pleyer
  • Fellows Award for Research Excellence (FARE) Committee: Ying Fu & Carlos Guardia
  • Mentoring: Gloria Laryea & Nivedita Sengupta
  • Service Outreach Committee: Douglas Dluzen & Zelia Worman
  • Social Committee: Luiz Felipe Barella, & Stal Shrestha
  • Visiting Fellows Committee: Ulrike Boehm & Daphnée Villoing
  • Wednesday Afternoon Lecture Series (WALS) Committee: Fatima Chowdhry & Salina Gairhe


  • American Federation for Medical Research (AFMR): VACANT
  • Animal Research Advisory Committee (ARAC): Guru Nagarajan
  • Child Care Board: Blake Warner & Choon Kiat Sim
  • Committee on Scientific Conduct & Ethics Liaison: Andrew Frank-Wilson
  • Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences (FAES): Simona Rosu & Eric Refsland
  • Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC): Devika Kapuria & Kannan Kasturi
  • Graduate Student Council (GSC) Liasion: Sara Kimmich & Laura Gorrell
  • Human Subjects Research Advisory Committee: VACANT
  • Medical Executive Committee (MEC): Chris Pleyer
  • National Postdoc Association (NPA): Didier Chalhoub
  • Outreach Liaison: Craig Myrum
  • Recreation and Welfare Committee & Health and Wellness Council Liaison: Stal Shrestha
  • Training Directors Commitee: Belinda Hauser & Valerie Miller
  • Women Scientists Advisors (WSA) Committee: Fatima Ali-Rahmani & Jessica Petrick

Institute/Center (IC) Representatives

  • CCR-FYI (NCI): Manasi Apte
  • FDA: Narayana Garimella
  • NCATS: Eric Gonzalez & Kirill Gorshkov
  • NCCIH: Eleni Frangos
  • NCI-CPFP: Claire Meaney (Basic) & Maryam Doroudi (Clinical)
  • NCI-Shady Grove: Alison Van Dyke
  • NEI: Aaron Rising
  • NHGRI: Jason Sinclair
  • NHLBI: Elizabeth Gordon
  • NIA: Cristiana Banuelos
  • NIAAA: Karina Abrahao (Basic) & Carlos Cortes (Clinical)
  • NIAID: Eric Refsland
  • NIBIB: Qianping He
  • NICHD: Suna Gulay
  • NIDA: Andrew Kesner
  • NIDCD: Hiu-Tung (Candy) Wong
  • NIDCR: Belinda Hauser
  • NIDDK: Sarah Morgan
  • NIEHS: Deirdre Robinson
  • NIGMS-PRAT: Dylan Murray
  • NIMH: Kathy Reding
  • NINDS: Patrick Wright & James Park
  • NINR: Joshua Todd
  • NLM: Gurmeet Kaur
  • USUHS: Debjani Mandal

FelCom Advisors

  • Chuck Dearolf, PhD, OIR
  • Sharon Milgram, PhD, OITE
  • Lori Conlan, PhD, OITE