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Georgetown University - Biomedical Graduate Education (BGE)

The Georgetown University - Biomedical Graduate Education (BGE) / National Institutes of Health (GU-NIH) Graduate Program is designed to allow graduate students to explore many areas of biomedical research while being exposed to the expertise of both research institutions. Ph.D. programs at GU currently participating in the partnership include:

The first year of graduate training focuses on a core curriculum specific for each degree program. Additional courses may be required during the second year of training. Students choosing to perform dissertation research at the NIH are expected to continue to attend seminars, journal clubs etc. of the degree granting program at Georgetown.

The NIH has a long history of independent and creative training of scientists and physicians. Many NIH-trained scientists have received international recognition for their work. The NIH environment is rich in scientific exchange and provides opportunities for a broad biomedical research experience. Many graduate students have received their graduate training at the NIH through arrangements between the NIH and universities.

Georgetown University, founded in 1789, is located near many cultural and educational offerings of the entire metropolitan area. The GU program includes internationally regarded faculty drawn from several academic departments, each opening the opportunity to develop a collaborative project between an NIH Investigator and University Professor.

The total student body of GU totals 17,000 of which 5,800 are graduate students (550 of whom are in biomedical sciences, including those enrolled in the Medical Center). Students selected to participate in the GU-NIH program are members of the larger group of biomedical graduate students. The NIH has ~4500 trainees at the post-baccalaureate, graduate, and post-doctoral level; ~500 graduate students from more than 100 universities. While at NIH, graduate students enjoy services and activities sponsored by the Graduate Partnerships Program that build a strong graduate student community, similar to that of a university campus. NIH and GU supports students admitted into the NIH-GU BGE with a stipend, tuition, and medical insurance for up to five years.

Students wishing to be considered for admission into this partnership should visit the GPP Institutional Partnership - Long-Form Application for Prospective PhD Students web page.

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