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Staff Directory

Staff: NIH Office of Intramural Training & Education (OITE)
Building 2, Second Floor
Phone: 301-496-2427
FAX: 301-594-9606

Hours and Location: OITE is housed on the second floor of Building 2. It is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The office maintains an open-door policy and welcomes trainees to drop by anytime.  However, individual staff members keep different schedules.  Sending an email before heading over will ensure that the person you want to see is available.

Sharon Milgram, PhD Director, OITE 301-594-2053
Pat Sokolove, PhD Deputy Director, OITE 301-402-3889
Michael Sheridan, PhD Special Advisor for Diversity and Wellness Programs 301-594-9603
Shannon DeMaria, PhD OITE Research Ethics Training Coordinator 301-451-7420
Postbaccalaureate and Summer Research Program (PSRP)
Yewon Cheon, PhD Director, Postbac and Summer Research Program 301-451-2018
Shauna Clark, PhD Director, NIH Academy 301-594-3753
Erika Barr, PhD Special Projects Coordinator and Director, Community College Programs 301-451-2164
Darryl Murray, PhD Director, Undergraduate Scholarship Program (UGSP) 301-594-2222
Natasha Lugo-Escobar, PhD Director, HiSTEP Summer Programs, and Special Programs Coordinator 301-496-2555
Ella Ulrike (Ulli) Klenke, PhD Director, Amgen Scholars at NIH Program, and Special Programs Coordinator 301-496-7173 
Sharolyn Kawakami-Schulz, PhD Director, HiSTEP Summer Programs, and Special Programs Coordinator 301-402-1907 
Virginia Meyer, PhD Director of Student Services, UGSP 301-451-4578
Kristen Zukosky, PhD College and Curriculum Advisor, HiSTEP 301-496-2427
Graduate Partnerships Program (GPP)
Philip Wang, PhD Director, GPP 301-451-8268
Pat Wagner, PhD Director of Admissions and Registrar 240-476-3619
Phil Ryan, PhD Deputy Director, Graduate Programs and Student Services 301-435-8014
Gail Seabold, PhD Scientific Skills Coach
Office of Postdoctoral Services (OPS)
Lori Conlan, PhD Director, OPS and Director, Career Services Center 301-435-7231
Pat Cole, PhD Director, Intramural Loan Repayment Program (ILRP) 301-402-1283
Ulrike (Ulli) Klenke, PhD Program Manager  301-496-7173  
Sharolyn Kawakami-Schulz, PhD Program Manager  301-402-1907  
Career Services Center
Lori Conlan, PhD Director, Career Services Center  301-435-7231
Amanda Dumsch, MA Career Counselor 301-451-0185
Elena Hernandez-Ramon, MD, PhD Director, Pre-medical Program 301-443-0702
Julia Jarvis, MDiv Wellness Advisor 301-402-4100
Anne Kirchgessner, MSEd, LCPC Career Counselor 301-443-8350
Denise Saunders, PhD Career Counselor,  North Carolina
John Taborn, PhD Career Counselor 301-443-4430
Steve Alves Program Analyst 301-402-1294
Jackie Newell-Hunt   301-451-4571
Administrative Staff
Elaine Johnson   301-594-9339
Barbara Ward   301-451-8049
Adrian Warren   301-402-3831