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For information on the following training issues, please follow the individuals or offices indicated.

Hours and Location: OITE is housed on the second floor of Building 2. It is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The office maintains an open-door policy and welcomes trainees to drop by anytime.  However, individual staff members keep different schedules.  Sending an email before heading over will ensure that the person you want to see is available.

AMGEN Scholars Program at NIH
Career Services Appointments (NIH trainees only)
CME Credits and Activity Planning
Clinical Training Questions
Clinician Credentialling Joe Hendery
College Advice for High School Students Kristen Zukosky, PhD
Community College Programs, including CCSEP Erika Barr, PhD
Funding for Training (NRSAs and K Awards)
GPP Applications and Registration Pat Wagner, PhD
GPP, Other Philip Wang, PhD; Phil Ryan, PhD
Graduate & Professional School Fair Jackie Newell-Hunt
Graduate Summer Opportunity to Advance Research (GSOAR)
HiSTEP and HiSTEP 2.0
International Postdoctoral Programs at the NIH Pat Sokolove, PhD
International Opportunities EXPO Lori Conlan, PhD
Invite the OITE to Your Institution Pat Sokolove, PhD
Job and Postdoc Ads, to Post Pat Sokolove, PhD; Ulli Klenke, PhD
Loan Deferments
Loan Repayment for NIH Employees Pat Cole, PhD
Medical School Elena Hernandez-Ramon, MD, PhD
Mom-Dad-Docs Ulli Klenke, PhD
Network of African-American Fellows at the NIH (NAAF) Erika Barr, PhD
NIH Academy Shauna Clark, PhD
NIH Career Symposium Lori Conlan, PhD
NIH - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered Friends and Family (LGBT-FF) Shauna Clark, PhD
NIH Pathways Program (NOT an OITE program) Mitzi Kosciulek
NIH SACNAS Chapter Elena Hernandez-Ramon, MD, PhD
NIH Visit Week Erika Barr, PhD
OITE Listservs Pat Wagner, PhD
OITE Web Site (content issues) Pat Sokolove, PhD
OITE Web Site (technical issues) Steve Alves
Postbac IRTA/CRTA Programs
Postbac Poster Day Yewon Cheon, PhD
Postdoctoral Programs Lori Conlan, PhD
Research Ethics Training Shannon DeMaria, PhD
Scientists Teaching Science Sharolyn Kawakami-Schulz, PhD; 
Summer Intern Science Skills Bootcamp Yewon Cheon, PhD
Summer Internship Program (SIP)
Summer Journal Clubs Ulli Klenke, PhD
Summer Poster Day Yewon Cheon, PhD
Translational Science Training Program Phil Ryan, PhD; Philip Wang, PhD
Undergraduate Scholarship Program (UGSP) Darryl Murray, PhD; Virginia Meyer, PhD
U.S. English and Culture Sharolyn Kawakami-Schulz, PhD
Writing Courses Lori Conlan, PhD; 
Wellness Counseling Julia Jarvis; Michael Sheridan, PhD