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Directions to the FAES Terrace/Classrooms and Masur Auditorium

Take the NIH "Limited" Campus Shuttle to Building 10, the NIH Clinical Center.  Leave the shuttle at the building's South Entrance.  Upon entering Building 10, follow the signs to Masur Auditorium.


From Masur Auditorium, go north, past the Main Elevators. Look for the bookstore/coffee shop on your right and a sign from the ceiling saying "FAES Academic Center." Take a right down the hallway, through the double-door; then take the steps down to the lower level. Rooms 1-4 are on your right and Rooms 5-8 are on your left.

Wheelchair Access via Main elevator:

Take the Main Elevators outside Masur to the B1 level. Follow the "FAES Academic Center" signs down the hallway towards the Post Office. Across from the Post Office, enter the FAES Academic Center on the left. Once inside the FAES academic Center, Rooms 1-4 are on your left and Rooms 5-8 are on your right.


To get to the Terrace, head north from Masur Auditorium. Go past  Café 10 and the FAES Bookstore, and immediately turn right. The terrace is down the hall and up a few steps.

Alternate accessible route:

The Terrace is accessible by ramp. From Masur Auditorium, head north and take a right toward Lipsett Amphitheatre. Half-way down the hallway, look for a sign on your left for the Dental Clinic. Take a left there. The Terrace is on your left, so continue to the end of the hallway, go around the corner, and up the ramp.