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 Questions for self-reflection:

  • In what type of environment do I function best?
  • What are my personal and professional goals?
  • What do I expect of my mentor(s)?
  • How would I prefer to interact with my mentor(s)?
  • What scientific fields, techniques, and model organisms interest me?
  • What are my strengths as a scientist?
  • In what areas do I require further development?
  • Do I prefer to work independently or with a lot of guidance?
  • Would I prefer a large or small research group?
  • Is my personality suited for working in a highly competitive field?
  • How do I deal with conflict?
  • Reflect on past research environments that you've experienced - what did you like about them? What did you dislike?
  • Reflect on a strong positive mentoring relationship that you've experienced - what were key elements that you enjoyed? Contrast this with negative mentoring that you experienced or observed.
  • What do I find most attractive about the possibility of working in this lab?
  • What is my strongest reservation about working in this lab?